by teeth

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released October 6, 2016



all rights reserved


teeth Newtown, Connecticut


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Track Name: my life in reverse
Atop the mountains
chugging wine and chewing cheese
my head so clear
now I’m strong in the knees
hell yea
life’s in full swing by 7:30

stories play out the way that i should
go out with a bang
i wish that i could play out
my life in reverse

we act
we walk
we speak
and we talk
in boxes
or wide open fields
or really big boxes
Track Name: cloud mountain
cloud mountain are you as tall as you seem?
long island sound carried in by the breeze
but i just want to get a text back from mary
the cloud mountain exerts power over me
cloud mountain
cloud mountain
how am i sounding?
cloud mountain
Track Name: september sun
with a can of WD-40 and a hand-me-down pair of shoes
we stole the street sign from Penny Lane so I could decorate my room
i wish that I had more to do for you
you give and give and give even when theres nothing to prove

thank you september sun
for giving me this autumn breeze
sparse nights smoking weed
tell me how much is too much
Track Name: have u heard

have you heard?
secrets glisten
sugar coated with pangs of shame
as you whispered the words i didn’t bother to read
I felt your eyes latch onto me

i get so caught up in myself
that it’s hard to let go
of the few thoughts i have to call my own
they say i’ve got me brains
but they ain’t doing me no good

the holy text speaks nothing of sin and punishment
it’s all about your actions and the consequences
as we fill our sippy cups in the river i pissed in
we start to see what our actions will begin
Track Name: bad one
i skipped my song yesterday
not like it's a big deal at all
i closed my eyes had no say
not like it's an important phone call
i fell asleep in class today
and with the frequency of second grade-

i ate lunch alone and
to my chemical romance
i had no fight left!
who woulda thought that!
senior year was middle school 2
Track Name: dirty light
this place is not my own
i don’t know if that can change
i will try to settle in
ill shake hands with neighbors i could never call friends

too late to turn around
can’t change the change of pace i’ve set for myself
when the september sun starts to burn too bright
i will soak in the dirty light
Track Name: van dynamic
if you wanna roll with us
you gotta meet criteria
it's not that complicated
just don't ask for royalties when we make it

we don't care about
the way you look
we don't care about
the kind of shows you book

all we care about is your
van dynamic! van dynamic!
it means so much to me
all i wanna know is what you bring to the fifth seat

you thought you could roll with us
i kinda thought that too
and it came as a surprise
when all your of aux cord choices blew

we don't care about
where you're from
we don't care about
the size of your butt

all we care about is your
van dynamic! van dynamic!
it means so much to me
all i wanna know is what you bring to the fifth seat

all we care about is your
van dynamic! van dynamic!
& most importantly
we'd love to get to know ya and your personality
Track Name: tyler, i'm sorry
too many options
too many ways to go
too many ways that life can blow

tyler, I’m sorry
today was not my best
i waited until too late to write you
but i bet that is what you’d expect

i spent way too long doing daily shit
i had nothing to say at the end of the day

oh my god
holy shit
what the fuck
Track Name: *literally falling asleep*
all the kids in oxford
drove down to the show
all their cars
could drove through the snow

and it's surreal that
it is real that
i can feel

Track Name: i don't wanna go to sleep
didn’t hear a lot from you today
threw me off at first
but its probably ok
you’ve got shit to do
i’ve got shit to prove
neither one of us can afford to waste our time
i don’t wanna go to sleep
i don’t wanna stop to eat
i don’t care what my body thinks of me
Track Name: lookin' good
i say “I’m cute” to the mirror yeah today i look pretty good
but could i pick up somebody like you could
like you did to me

i say “I’m a lover” to my notebook and i think its true
but faced with the prospect of new ones what would i really do
prolly just think of you

i guess what i learned
is that were 2 different people
which is something i tattooed on my eyelids along time ago
i guess what i learned is if you call me
while I’m writing a song
it’ll probably change what its about
which probably means that I’m about you
Track Name: choo choo!
i’m so happy that you wanna hang
now all we gotta do is find a way
to get you down to the city
to see our favorite band

they’re really really good
i know you like them a lot
but hanging out with me
makes you feel like a thot

i don’t mean to put these words into your mouth
but i feel too weird to just come out and ask for your thoughts
on something we already tied up
i feel like you would mind
and let it bug ya the whole time

I’m sorry for saying "our” before
because there is no “we”
and there is no “us”
but even though we’re through
i can’t wait to see you soon

you can take the choo choo train
or a plane to white plains
or kayak down the connecticut river
so we can have a grand fucking time in the heart of NYC
then go our separate ways and treat it like a movie screen